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  1. 2007/October/30 [Part 2] You're a collabor-aholic (9)
  2. 2007/October/28 What's so great about Springnote? [Part 1] Some Crazy Editor
  3. 2007/October/23 Springnote English version is live! (10)

[Part 2] You're a collabor-aholic

October 30th, 2007 22:49

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If you're a Web 2.0 application maker and don't provide collaborative features, you're a liar. You're just not a true Web 2.0 company. After all, isn't "Web 2.0" about social-ness and massive collaboration? Of course, WE ARE! Springnote excellently supports collaboration among users.

Springnote's greatest value obviously lies in the fact that it's an easy "jot-down-your-ideas" service. However, what's the point if you can't share it and can't work on it together with your peers?

Springnote comes with great sharing and collaborative features. For one, we made it very easy for you to invite others to the collaboration space. It fully supports OpenID. You can also invite your peers to the same document just by emailing them.

Rights management part is just as easy. Springnote can be used in private collaboration with business partners, colleagues or friends. Of course, Springnote pages can be published in public and people can enjoy viewing and reading at others' notes and pages as well.

The Web still isn't the only platform for collaboration. Springnote supports the following formats: txt, doc, html and odt for importing. Springnote pages can also be downloaded as a zip file that contains HTML files.

This way, Springnote is a perfect choice for many business partners across corporate boundaries, temporary task force teams, project-based workers, and even college students.

We help you work together with anyone "seamlessly".

That's what Springnote is capable of.

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We realized your first reaction to Springnote might be "Isn't this just another wiki service?" Well, while you could say that, Springnote offers extraordinary values which we should not let go unnoticed.

The first one is the fast and easy editing function. In short, when working on Springnote, you'll feel like you're working on a desktop editor like Notepad or gedit. That's how natural the application feels like. No more brackets and weird wiki grammar stuff to express yourself. How easy is it? See it for yourself:

As you saw it above, not only you'll have many keyboard shortcuts for adding headlines, paragraphs, links, and styling, you actually don't have to "save" anything to make a change to the content. Yup, that's how easy it is.

Springnote is a pure web application, consisting of JavaScript only, so you don't need to download or install anything extra. Obviously, you can access it from anywhere you want as long as your device has a standard-supporting web browser installed.

The easy editing function alone makes Springnote a very attractive option for jotting our thoughts, notes, and ideas. But, wait. Springnote is even better when used as a collaboration tool. More on the collaboration part in the next post!

Springnote English version is live!

October 23rd, 2007 19:47

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For anyone of you who have waited long for this,
Springnote English version is up and running! As we've explained, Springnote is a Web-based and fully OpenID-enabled personal wiki service where anyone can join to jot down notes, diaries, or project org. pages. What makes Springnote truly unique amid all the great wiki services out there is the ease of use of the service. What does that mean? More than anything, it means you can use Springnote as if you were writing stuff as simply and easily as on Notepad or gedit. Seriously, you won't understand how easy it is until you try it for yourself!

Of course, we have a long list of great features which Springnote offers. You can check out more details on the
about page; but here's the quick view of Springnote features:

  • Very easy and intuitive editor
  • OpenID authentication & email invitation
  • Supports web standards such as XHTML
  • Access anywhere with any modern web browser
  • Unlimited text storage and 2 GB file storage
  • Compatible with txt, doc, html, and other files
  • Publishable on other blogs
  • Private or public page viewing
  • Open API for extension and integration
  • Open source for EditorXquared

Still not fully getting it? I'm sure this video will help you muchos.
But more than anything, we strongly recommend you to join the service and try it out. It's OpenID-enabled, so you can use any OpenID account of yours; or if you don't have one yet, we also have
myID, an OpenID service provided by openmaru, ready for you :)

So, why don't you hop in? I guarantee you it's going to be an amazing experience!