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  1. 2007/September/16 myID.net Great Features Series #1: Bookmarklets (4)
  2. 2007/September/11 myID.net English version gone live! (4)

As part of our ongoing effort to make myID.net user-friendly and user-accessible, weve come up with few brilliant ideas and features thatll greatly help you in use of myID.net The first one of them is Bookmarklets.


As you know bookmarklets are small browser functions that allow you to bookmark pages or features. With myID bookmarklets, we essentially provide two functions.


First one is for bookmarking all your friends OpenIDs. Its quite difficult and tedious to write them all down to manage them. With myID bookmarklets, you can simply drag and drop the contact list button into your browser. And then you can press the button to add your friends' OpenIDs into your own contact list every time you see it. It's just like how you bookmark pages on del.icio.us. The second bookmarklet allows your browser to auto-complete your own OpenID when you sign in to services just by clicking on the bookmarklet, saving much of time and effort. 

Both bookmarklets are browser-dependent, but still very easy to deploy. You can find out more details on how to use them on the tools & tips page.

Here's the screencast of how to use bookmarklets. Look how easy bookmarklets are to use!

Yes, were not more a mere OpenID provider service. We also go into the ID consumer side as well. Its pretty simple. We create services that are valuable to every day users and customers. Were all about people and bringing values to them. Bookmarklets are only snippets of what we want to do. In the next post, well explain one of our most convenient features in contact list import features.

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myID.net English version gone live!

September 11st, 2007 22:46

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Yup, you heard it right. For all of you whove been waiting for a long time to hear this, myID.net English version is now live. In fact, its been up for few days, but were making the announcement on this blog now because we just thought clearing few things up before officially announcing would help.

ve explained several times why were persistent in pursuing OpenID as one of our core strategies at openmaru. Today, were really showing it. myID.net is now open for the world. As another proof, were planning to launch a Japanese version by the end of the year.

There is a reason we
re jumping in as another OpenID provider while there are already few. We have many reasons why we believe myID will be a great service for the users.

For one, myID.net is the simplest service out there. Not only it
s got a very accessible domain name in myID but also were striving to make it as simple and easy to use for average users as possible. In fact, myIDwas the top search keyword on opendirectory.com, the major openID directory service.

Also, in order to increase the usability of the service, we
re providing a transferable group/contact list. Basically, you can create or even import a contact to myID contact list and have the list exported to any service that supports the myID contact list API. For starters, we have Facebook and Gmail contact list import feature on the way.

re going to explain various features of myID in the next few posts, so please make sure you stay tuned! Till then, why dont you hop in and join the service? :)

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