What is openmaru?

July 17th, 2007 23:36
Openmaru is one of the indepedently developed studios of NCSoft, the company behind the legendary Internet game Lineage. While it's a part of a game company, what we are developing here ain't games. We're developing new kinds of Web services.

I'm sure some of you guys already might be asking questions like "why the name 'openmaru'?", "what? a game company?", "you said you're from Korea?", or even "are you jumping in here because everyone else is jumping into the Web 2.0 frenzy?"

Let's begin with the name. The name "openmaru" has two parts: open and maru. Open is quite obvious. We highly value "openness" for both idealogical and practical reasons--we believe that by correctly opening up, we get to offer everyone good stuff and develop great business values for ourselves along. Now, maru is the hard part for the non-Korean. It's a Korean word meaning a "floor" or "platform" in the Internet/Biz context. Basically, openmaru means an open platform, which describes what we're trying to create. Very 2.0-ish, isn't it? ;)

We've already launched two services over the last couple months. Unfortunately, they're currently offered in Korean only; however, the good news is that they're both going global within next few weeks. You'll hear more about them in this blog next few weeks.

Other questions, such as being a huge game company tapping into the Web industry or what the Internet industry is like in Korea, deserve separate posts. And we want to faithfully stick to the short modular blog post principle. In the end, isn't Web 2.0 all about mashups? Oops, I just gave you a hint at what we're trying to do here. :)

You can learn more about openmaru here in a more official version of who we are. But for now, the lesson for the day: maru means a platform in Korean and here at openmaru we're trying to develop an open platform.

Till next time, anyong! (or goodbye! in Korean)


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