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There is going to be the arguably biggest Web 2.0 Conference in Asia next week, organized by none other than O'Reilly Media and CMP: Web 2.0 Tokyo. And you can finally meet us at the Expo!

More than anything, Springnote is being featured in Launchpad. Yes, we've been around for a while, but this is the first time we'll be making a public entrace to the rest of the world. We'll also be hosting a booth at the Expo, so feel free to come by and talk to us--about anything!

openmaru members are travelling as tech experts to participate in many of the sessions. ChangShin Lee will be giving a talk "Trinity for Evolution from Closed Service to Open Platform". (I don't need to remind you of our mission for "open platforms", any more, right? :) We'll also be participating in many of the sessions, including the ones on Ruby on Rails, on which many of our products are built, and a session on OpenID.

What's unique about us going to Japan for the conference is that this isn't just about us doing marketing for our products as we will be reporting from Japan to the rest of the world how far Web 2.0 has come. We'll be travelling with some of the most renowned bloggers in Korea as blogging journalists. One of them is Danny Kim. Danny is actually responsible for writing many of the posts for this blog; he's our blog marketing agent. He is also well known for his TechnoKimchi blog, which covers the digital tech and culture in Korea. You'll be able to hear much about what's going on during the conference through this blog as well as his TechnoKimchi blog.

Excitement is our motto for this year and the Expo will only make it more visible. We're excited not only to meet you all there, but also to learn about the Web 2.0 landscape is like in Asia, esp. Japan.

So, see you all soon!

p.s. You can find an excellent coverage of Springnote on Read/WriteWeb. It talks about what's cool about Springnote and what more we need to work on. It's always very nice to hear what others think about our product. We've been very closely listening to what everyone has to say about us--including myID and Springnote. And how rewarding it has been! More details on this to follow in the next article :)


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