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We realized your first reaction to Springnote might be "Isn't this just another wiki service?" Well, while you could say that, Springnote offers extraordinary values which we should not let go unnoticed.

The first one is the fast and easy editing function. In short, when working on Springnote, you'll feel like you're working on a desktop editor like Notepad or gedit. That's how natural the application feels like. No more brackets and weird wiki grammar stuff to express yourself. How easy is it? See it for yourself:

As you saw it above, not only you'll have many keyboard shortcuts for adding headlines, paragraphs, links, and styling, you actually don't have to "save" anything to make a change to the content. Yup, that's how easy it is.

Springnote is a pure web application, consisting of JavaScript only, so you don't need to download or install anything extra. Obviously, you can access it from anywhere you want as long as your device has a standard-supporting web browser installed.

The easy editing function alone makes Springnote a very attractive option for jotting our thoughts, notes, and ideas. But, wait. Springnote is even better when used as a collaboration tool. More on the collaboration part in the next post!


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